You are the beauty in this world.

The candescent art, the knowledge, the erudition.

You are the ever knowing nexus within.

The one that guides us from where we begin.


You are the love that we adore.

The sound of the ocean against the shore.

You are our comfort when we’re afraid.

You are our hope.

Our everything.


You are our strength when we are weak.

You are the air that we breathe.

You gave your life so we could live.

You loved us and taught us what it means to forgive.


You are the light in this darkened world.

You’re everything that we live for.

Without you we would have given up.

Without you we would have all been lost.


But you came to save us.

You paid the cost.


You gave us our life.

You gave us our soul.

You gave us our identity and that which makes us whole.


You gave us our happiness.

You gave us our heart.

You’re there for us when we’re torn apart.


You make us content.

You give us peace.

You give us everything that makes us complete.


You are the way, the truth, and the life.

The one that has loved us all of our lives.


I titled this with a symbol of a crown because it was written about our Father in heaven, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as one.



I used to be skeptical--

But it had nothing to do with God and all to do with people.

Most of the religious people I met seemed to be sort of judgmental and rude-- they weren’t very nice, and I’ve always believed in the golden rule ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ (a verse in the bible not duly noted among most religious groups).


I also used to be messed up. I was guilty of what I said I was against. I said I was against the defiled religious spirit, but I was judging the church. I focused on it so much that I became it. The truth is-- Christ didn’t found the counterfeit religious spirit... but He founded the church. And there will always be hypocrites-- both inside and outside the church. But when it comes down to it the church is good-- it founded hospitals… and institutions… and it’s the tabernacle for the teachings of Christ.

It's not right to judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few.


There are a few people on the atheist experience sites that have hurt my feelings so bad that I considered never returning, but I have too much love in my heart now to do that. And my soul mate is the kindest person I’ve ever met.. and he was a skeptic. So you can't judge an entire group of people based on a few.


I’ve dated a few guys that treated me really bad but I’m not going to judge every guy and assume they’re all the same because of it.

I also dated a guy that didn’t treat me so bad.


I met a rude nurse once but that doesn’t mean all nurses are rude. I’m a nurse and I’m not rude.


I got in a fight with a girl because she was a whore but that doesn’t mean all girls are whores. I’m a girl and I’m not a whore.


I met a judgmental Christian once.

But that doesn’t mean all Christians are judgmental. I’m a Christian and I’m not judgmental anymore-- I was a judgmental skeptic not a judgmental Christian.


Counterfeit religion and God are not synonymous.
God is strongly opposed to the defiled religious pharisaic judgmental spirit.

Atheism is just another form of defiled religion.




I’ve always enjoyed helping others. I started working as a nurse at seventeen and I have a generous nature, but I never really connected that to God until recently when I had a supernatural experience. I’m going to tell you about it but I'll just go ahead and warn you, it may seem a little crazy because it doesn’t happen to most people. I addressed some of this on the following pages but not all of it.


I fell in love with a guy that claimed to be deist. He believed in a higher power but wasn’t entirely sure if He exists. He and I talked for hours and we became best friends. Over time I could sense that he was extremely burdened. He changed his name one day and I could sense something was wrong. All I knew was that “something” was telling me he needed help, and I wasn’t letting anything happen to him. I researched night and day for two years to convince him to believe in God. Then posted everything I researched to this site.


Strange things started happening to me. I started to sense things about people. I mean, I had always been perceptive (I know now that discernment came from the Holy Spirit within me) and I had always been a natural psychiatrist but this was different. I could sense personal things about people— that they were extremely depressed and had suicidal tendencies or that they had a debilitating spirit of fear or perversion. I was confused at first and not really sure what to do with all of it. And if that wasn’t crazy enough I started telling people things about their lives that I couldn’t have known. I told the guy I am in love with that he had been saved but that Satan was trying to attack him to keep him from his callings. Later, I told a guy that he had killed a man in prison in self defense but that God was not angry with him. That God knew he had to do it in self defense and that He did not want him to beat himself up about it anymore. He started crying, looked at me like he had seen a ghost, and said, "How could you know that? I haven’t told anyone. Not even my own mother?" I told him it wasn’t coming from me. It was a message from God.

I researched what I had been experiencing and found out I had the gift of prophecy and discernment of spirits (discernment of spirits so that I could pray for the person and prophecy so that I could give people messages from God). I then realized that God was speaking to me. First about the twin flame sites and then about the spiritual attacks on His people.

I know this all sounds crazy because this kind of stuff is unheard of now. All you hear about are psychics and the occult or satanic stuff like that, and most people think all of that is nonsense but it's not. I’ve researched it and the occult is very real. There are people that practice witchcraft/Santeria and they truly worship Satan. They even pray to him and receive psychic insight. Recent scientific studies have shown that a psychic phenomenon is very real although unexplainable.


I had majored in science so I started connecting science with spirituality. I read a few pages of a handbook on neuroscience and found most if not all we know of science connects with spiritual notions in some way. The mind and heart are constantly sending signals back and forth between each other and this is the communication that occurs between us and our conscience. I wrote more about this on a few other pages. If you get the time you should read them. One of the pages is titled science/spirituality. Long story short, God instructs us through our conscience. Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Something told me to do that, I should have listened?’ That was God speaking to you through your conscience or a still small voice in the back of your mind. For example, not long ago, I was driving somewhere but I was looking down at my iPod because I needed to change the song. I slammed on my breaks, then looked up, and there was a car stopped right in front of me. I would have hit them had I not hit my breaks but I didn't see them until after I hit my breaks and looked up. "Something" just told me to do it, and fortunately I listened.


I finally realized that God was the reason for my good heart. I also realized that I had worried myself sick over the guy I am in love with in vain because he too has a good heart, and his good heart comes from his close relationship with God whether he is aware of it or not (it's never a good idea to worry yourself sick; God may have us intercede for a person but He has them in His hands and we should always trust Him).

I realized that following God had always been about showing His love/kindness and that even though I was a little skeptical before I had always followed Him. I just didn’t realize it and in truth most skeptics are extremely close to God in their heart because they usually have a good heart. All of the times I had helped others I was listening to God. All Christ did was help others. He walked the earth healing the sick and giving sight to the blind. He was a father to the fatherless and a friend to those in need. And most importantly, He saved us—when He gave His life for us.


*We're not saved because we're good.

We're good because we're saved.*




Those that are kind hearted are kind hearted because they are close to God in their heart as God is the source of our conscience and those that are kind hearted let their conscience be their guide.

The guy I’m in love with is also very intelligent and has an amazing sense of humor and God is the intelligence of intelligence therefore this also results from his close relationship with God.

So when I realized the guy I’m in love with was never in any real danger I figured out that the Lord planned it all...

He had me take courses in science...

He led me to my soul mate...

And He knew exactly what I would do when I thought he was in danger.

He knew I would connect science with spirituality.. and He knew I would study anthropology.. and do everything I could to prove His existence.

Basically God knew everything I would do before I did it---

And He used it all to accomplish His purpose... to lead His people back to Him.

He had me set up this site to expose the other misleading twin flame sites and also to reveal the truth to all of His people.

And He led me to the atheist experience sites.


God is pure good--

He alone heals us of all our disease.

He alone gives life and ALL good things.

Yet there are times when we don't even acknowledge Him.

Yet He still stays right by our side..

Protecting us...

And guiding us...

And that is the definition of love.


The Lord led me to my soul mate to lead me back to Him (love).

And it's His spirit in me that caused me to set up these sites.


It started out that I was just doing this because of my soul mate but somewhere along the line I developed a genuine concern for everyone else as well.

And I don’t want to see anyone deceived.

We have free will.

And the evil we hate is a result of our loved ones that are listening to [Satan].

Not God.

So believe the truth.

God is not evil.

Satan is.


The Lord loves us so much that He died for us.

All He asks is that we accept Him.


If you want to accept Him say this in your heart:

Father, I thank you for the love you have given me in Christ the Lord. I ask you to forgive me for the times I have turned away and listened to Satan instead of you. I know I need you and your sacrifice to be made whole. I accept Jesus as my Lord and savior, and I give my life to you. I ask that you fill me with the holy spirit. I will follow you forever.
















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THELMA | Reply 27.12.2016 17.42

Would like to talk to you. That's my mail below

maria | Reply 02.05.2016 04.36

thank you so much for this! that twin flame stuff hauled my spirit away from GOD, its lies, they just keep u waiting. Yahweh doesn't keep you waiting!

@ 12.05.2016 12.17

You're welcome.
Yes, it's definitely lies.
Very discouraging.
But with the Lord there is no discouragement.
Only hope.

kjnfkjdnfks | Reply 15.07.2015 13.10

people like you could kill me by making me commit suicide because of how dumb you are. and ignorant, and immoral , and narcissistic

maria 02.05.2016 04.36

low on the self worth there.

kjfkjnfkfkjfg | Reply 15.07.2015 13.08

'the church is good -it founded hospitals'......bacteria have more of a right to live than you, down syndrome people are smarter than you,

jhjh | Reply 15.07.2015 13.05

i am going to murder you , you fucking cunt.

maria 02.05.2016 04.37

proves her point more than anything. there is a void when you lash out with hate. you will never truly be 100% fulfilled and satisfied without Yahweh. trust Him

Breyonka | Reply 01.07.2015 14.10

Can u just email me so this can be easier lolz..please

@ 24.07.2015 12.29

You can send me a private msg on google plus--
my screen name is rainautumn4.
Just compose the msg on the stream and type my name into the box.

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Can you give an update on what has happened between you and your soul mate...are you together?

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Would like to talk to you. That's my mail below

12.05 | 12:17

You're welcome.
Yes, it's definitely lies.
Very discouraging.
But with the Lord there is no discouragement.
Only hope.

02.05 | 04:37

proves her point more than anything. there is a void when you lash out with hate. you will never truly be 100% fulfilled and satisfied without Yahweh. trust Him

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